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What is FTP?

FTP is a client-server protocol, which allows a user on one computer to transfer files to and from another computer over a TCP/IP network. This is also the client program the user executes to transfer files. In other words - FTP is a simple and convenient way to get files uploaded and downloaded to and from your website.  

Where can I find a good FTP client for Windows and a resource that teaches me how to use it?

The two most common, and easy to use FTP clients for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 are Smartftp, and Globalscape's Cute FTP.

You can download Smartftp at: http://www.smartftp.com/

Cute FTP can be downloaded at: http://www.globalscape.com/ and a great tutorial can be found at: http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/98/42/index2a.html   

Where can I find a good FTP client for Mac OS X and a resource that teaches me how to use it?

A very widely used FTP client for the Mac OS is Fetch, located at: http://www.fetchsoftworks.com/ - A great tutorial for this software can be found at: http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/98/41/index4a.html

What directory do I upload my web files?

All of your files and subdirectories go into your public_html directory.

How do I change my FTP password?

You can easily change your password for FTP by logging into your control panel, clicking on "Account Settings" --> "Change Password." Many times it will appear as if only the control panel password was changed, and the FTP password was left the same. In this case the passwords need to be re-synced.

My password is being rejected. What should I do?

The most common problem when your password is rejected is that you are either:

a.) Using the wrong password
b.) Using a password with invalid characters.
c.) Using an incorrect username
d.) Using the wrong hostname

What is anonymous FTP?

Virtual domain account users whose plans include Anonymous FTP can allow anonymous FTP access to visitors wishing to download or upload files to your web site as if you were running your own FTP server. Use caution, as this will use bandwidth, and can quickly cause an extra fee added if you go over the allowed monthly amount. You can enable (and disable) Anonymous FTP access within the FTP Feature inside your Control Panel.

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