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Do you support FrontPage express?

Yes, we do. There are, however, many limitations with FrontPage express that you will not find with FrontPage 2000 or similar. The FrontPage extensions are therefore NOT needed if you are publishing with FP Express.

How can I have the FrontPage Extensions removed/installed from my account?

You can install/remove Frontpage Extensions by logging in to your control panel and clicking on "Frontpage Extensions" Icon, once in there you will see two choices, (Re)Install Extension and Uninstall Extensions. You can choose appropriate choice for your website.

Am I limited when using FrontPage?

You are never limited and you can do as you would like with the software and integrating it with functions in your control panel, however, we will forewarn you that problems may occur when using features in your control panel such as password protection, or formmail instead of using the features installed with FrontPage.

Where can I setup new e-mail accounts?

New e-mail accounts can be setup in your control panel by clicking on "Mail Menu" --> "Add/Remove accounts."

What is the default e-mail address for?

This e-mail address, with the username the same as your hosting account, is also known as the "catch-all" e-mail address. In other words, if you have no e-mail accounts setup, this will catch every e-mail sent to anything@yourdomain.com for your retrieval. This will still work even when other accounts are created, which is especially useful if people incorrectly spell the first half of the e-mail address wrong, since you will still get that sometimes-important e-mail. This is the one e-mail account that is setup with your e-mail software with the username only (all other accounts use username@domain.com as the username in their mail software.) This is also the only webmail account that you have "instant" access to within your control panel without having to login first.

What e-mail software is the best for retrieving mail from my e-mail accounts?

You will need an e-mail client that supports POP3 e-mail. The most widely used programs are Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, and Netscape Mail. You can use either, depending on what browser you are using, or you can choose from the hundreds of other programs also available.

What is the correct way to setup my e-mail client to retreive e-mail from my accounts?

Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express:

Display Name: Your Name
Email Address: something@yourdomain.com
Incoming Mail Server Type: POP3
Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.yourisp.com (preferred) / mail.yourdomain.com
Account Name: something@yourdomain.com
Password: E-mail account's password
Please also make sure that you have checked " My server requires authentication" under servers tab.

Netscape Email:

Your Name: Your Name
Email Address: something@yourdomain.com
Reply to address: something@yourdomain.com (you can leave this blank)
Organization: Your Company / Organization Name
Server Name: mail.yourdomain.com
Server Type: POP3
Username: something@yourdomain.com
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: mail.yourisp.com (preferred) / mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing mail server username: Your ISP Username / Your Control Panel Username

How can I enable webmail for an account?

All e-mail accounts created from the "Add/Remove accounts" section of your Mail Menu have webmail access - there is nothing you need to do to enable it.

What is the correct URL to login to webmail?

You can either login via your control panel, or by visiting http://yourdomain.com/webmail/ , notice the following / (thats needed!). You can also use: http://yourdomain.com:2095/ - the username would be the FULL e-mail address for that account, and the password would be the password established for that e-mail account.

Is there any way to have my users change their password themselves via Horde?

This feature is not available at this time, however, is looking to be implemented in the near future.

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