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Sales Tel.:
+39 071 2917323
Support Tel.:
+39 071 2864306
+39 071 2901232
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Domain Name:
.it  .com  .net  .org  .biz  .info 
.de  .ws  .co.uk  .me.uk  .org.uk 
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The Rules:
  • Unless the Top Level Domain you are using requires or supports a Second Level Domain for classification (the "co" in .co.uk), you should not enter anything but a domain name and a Top Level Domain.
  • Don't put "www." in front of the domain. "www." is a host name, not a domain name. You should not use "www" anywhere unless it part of the actual domain name you are looking for.
  • Legal characters are 0-9, a-z and "-". Underscores (_) and spaces are not permitted in domains.
A list of errors and their meanings follows:

  • Domain name too long/short This means that the domain name that you entered was either too long or too short, legal sdomain name lengths are between 2 characters and 57 characters.
  • Domain name cannot contain any letters of hyphens in 2 character domain names This error message is returned if your domain name was only 2 characters long and it contained either a hyphen or a letter, this is because 2 character domain names are only allowed to contain numbers.
  • Domain names cannot begin or end in a hyphen or contain double hyphens A domain name can contain hyphens, however the hyphens cannot be neighbours (ie "--") and they also cannot begin the domain name or end it, ie "-domain.xxx" is illegal as it begins with a hyphen.
  • Domain names must only contain alphanumerical characters and hyphens Domain names must only consist of numbers, letter and hyphens - this means that no spaces, periods, commas or any other kind of punctuation is allowed. This is common when people begin the domain name with "www." - this is not part of the domain name and should not be used.
  • Cannot connect to [server name]If you recieve this message then the whois server that I am trying to connect to in order to perform your query is either refusing my network connection or for some other reason I am unable to connect to it, the best course of action when this occurs is to simply try again later.
  • No top level domain selected This means that you failed to select a top level domain for your domain name, for example `co.uk', `com', `net' etc.
  • Top level domain not supported This error message means that whichever top level domain extension you chose is not supported by this scripts configuration, in other words, I do not have the information required to search for this top level domain.

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